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5 Steps for Hiring a Thailand Architect



Are you gazing at an empty piece of land that you own, envisioning a stunning home? Or maybe it’s time to freshen up your villa with a remodeling project. 

You need to find the perfect Thailand architect who can understand the jumble of your ideas and help you turn them into something stunning and eternal. 

But how do you find an architect that meets all your requirements and can deliver what you want? Keep reading for five crucial steps to hiring an architect.

1. Define Your Project Goals 

Before even thinking about how to hire an architect, you need to clearly define your project and goals. This is the most important step so that you can begin to search for the right architect to turn your ideas into something real. 

Think about what the objectives are, what your budget is, and the schedule. Is your project complex and multi-faceted and requires specialized and technical knowledge? Or, is it a simple and straight-forward project that can be completed with basic experience? 

It’s vital that you know what your goals are so that you can clearly communicate them to the firms and architects that you consider hiring. You need to be able to ask the right questions and answer the questions that architects may ask you about your desires, preferences, and requirements. 

Whether you’re building a luxury Thai villa holiday home or simply remodeling your bathroom, know what your goals are. 

2. Shop Around Before Hiring an Architect

Start by speaking to friends and family to determine if they have any referrals or recommendations for architects that they have worked with. It’s always comforting to know that you have proof of excellent work and happy customers. 

Look at renovations online. When you see work that matches your style and preferences, call the firm that is responsible for the projects that you’ve found. 

When you’ve pulled together a couple of options, search for online reviews and look through their portfolios. A fantastic way to narrow down your search is to invite architects for meetings at your construction site so you can understand their ideas from the get-go. 

It’s important to spend time ‘shopping around’ for an architect to ensure you find the perfect fit for you and your building project. 

Rushing into hiring an architect may have devastating consequences if you come to find that they are inexperienced or unprofessional. 

3. Consider the Architect Cost 

The cost of a service professional is always an influencing factor in the decision-making process. Perhaps you have a strict budget that limits your options, or perhaps the sky is the limit when it comes to finances. 

Either way, it’s important to know that a lower cost is not always the most affordable in the long run. And a higher cost does not guarantee high-quality results. 

Rather than thinking about a certain final cost, think about the value you’re seeking for the price you’re willing to give. 

Always ask the firm and architect to clearly outline all of their fees before they begin the project so that you are not caught with an unexpected and hefty bill.

4. Determine Services and Project Delivery

Hopefully, you’ve defined your project clearly and you know exactly the sort of services you’re seeking from an architecture firm. For example, you may choose to hire an architect simply to do the drawings and design for your kitchen renovation. Or, perhaps you’re looking for someone whose service includes everything down to the color of the doorknobs. 

Find out what services the company offers. They may offer project management services or offer continuous design adjustments throughout the project. 

Furthermore, think about the delivery method that is right for you. Are you looking for a Design-Bid-Build, hiring separate contractors and architects, or Design-Build, with contractors included?

5. Find an Architect That is Right for You

You want to hire an architect that is brilliant and talented and will be able to turn your dreams into a reality. But it’s also important that you find someone who you get along with, who you trust, and whose opinion you respect. 

Depending on the size of your project you might be working with this person for months. You need to be able to form a relationship where you can communicate honestly and openly. You need to be able to say, “I don’t like that” and your architect needs to be able to communicate their ideas and concerns, too.

It’s also important to seek out a firm or a person that is able to navigate the processes that are unique to your situation. For example, a firm with a portfolio that mirrors your project, so that you feel comfortable with the fact that they know how to navigate the nuances of the project. 

The same goes for financial loans. If you’re financing your project with a construction loan, look for a firm that has experience working within these limits. 

Think about non-negotiable experience and services and seek out a firm that can adequately provide for your special circumstances. Once you meet with different architects, be sure that you pick the person that you feel comfortable with and who you trust with your project. 

Hire the Perfect Thailand Architect 

Take your time to hire a fantastic Thailand architect to work with you in realizing your ideas and dreams. Define your project thoroughly so you can clearly communicate your styles, preferences, and goals. Spend time shopping around for the best architect services that can meet all of your requirements. 

CJ Samui Builders has a dedicated and expert workforce to get your project off the ground. From concept and architectural design to construction, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today if you’re ready to start laying down the foundations of your best ideas. 

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