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Best Questions to Ask a Solar Installation Company



In 2020, installed solar energy in Thailand reached 2,983 megawatts. About 14.3 percent of the country receives over 19–20 MJ/m2/day of daily sun exposure, while the remaining 50% receives around 18–19 MJ/m2/day.

After a home and a car, adopting solar will be one of most people’s largest purchases in their lifetime. So, homeowners considering solar should take the time and effort to decide if it’s a good investment.

Sadly, because most people in Thailand are unaware of the complexity of the solar sector, this is easier said than done.

Here is a list of questions to ask the solar installation company to help you figure out if solar is fit for your homes. Continue reading to learn.

Is My Building Right for Solar?

The condition of your property will determine if you need a solar energy system. A solar installer will consider several factors when answering the question.

The first factor is the property’s location. Your house must be in an open area to gain the most from solar panels. Buildings surrounded by trees and other obstructions are not suitable for solar.

The inclination of a building’s roof is the other factor solar installers consider. Your roof’s angle must allow the solar system to face south for maximum performance.

Lastly, solar installers consider the roof’s condition. The roof must be strong enough to hold the solar panel’s weight.

What’s the Installation Cost?

The answer to the question will help you create a fitting budget. First, ask the company about the fees it charges for installation works.

Always be open-minded when asking about price. Compare the prices of several solar panel installers in Thailand. The trick will help you find quality and affordable services.

Several factors will determine the cost you incur as a client. One of them is the type of solar panel you choose.

Solar panel installation type will also determine the money you spend as a client. For example, ground mounts require more labor than roof mounts.

The solar installer should provide you with a complete fee structure. In addition, the fee structure should have a clear cost breakdown to save you from hidden expenses.

Do You Have Referrals?

Reputation is crucial when hiring a solar installation company. A reputable solar installer will not defraud you.

Several things can help you verify the reputation of a solar panel installer of your choice. The first tip is to read the company’s online reviews. Check if the testimonials from past clients are complaints or compliments.

Avoid solar installers with a trend of complaints from past customers. Don’t also shy off from asking the company to connect you with its past customers.

A company that takes pride in its solar installation services won’t have problems connecting you with past clients. Ask the clients about their experience with the services provided by the solar installer of your choice.

Consider other important tips to verify the reputation of a solar installer you intend to hire. A reputable solar installation expert will have your best interests at heart.

What Is Your Experience?

Not every company in the solar industry can meet your needs and expectations. Solar panel installation requires excellent skills and competency.

Do not shy off from asking solar installers about their experience. While new solar companies aren’t bad, they don’t have the same skills as experienced installers.

First, inquire about the company’s period in the solar industry. Check the company’s website to confirm its period in the solar installation business.

Don’t also forget to inquire about the company’s track record. Choose a solar installer with a history of success in solar panel installations.

Experience determines competency. A competent solar installer will avoid various errors that could pose safety risks.

How Will I Benefit?

You can’t install a solar panel on your house without knowing how you will benefit. A professional solar installer should be able to explain to you the benefits of solar panels.

Everybody wants to gain the most while saving the most cash. Unlike electrical power, solar panels will save you from monthly bills.

Solar panels do not also require costly and excessive maintenance like electrical systems. Don’t hire a solar company that knows nothing about solar panel benefits.

The company should also enlighten you on how to maintain your solar energy system. Knowing the benefits of solar power will motivate you to install the best panels.

Are You Licensed?

Licensing shouldn’t be an option when looking for solar panel installers in Thailand. License solar installation experts have the right training. They also comply with the set work ethics and standards.

Hiring a licensed solar installation company guarantees you safety. Common types of licenses for solar businesses in Thailand include:

  • Factory license
  • Certificate of electricity quality
  • Energy industry operation license

Confirm that the solar installation company of your choice has a legal and relevant license. The license should be from Thailand’s department of industrial works. The Energy regulatory commission of Thailand also issues work permits to solar installation companies.

Be wary of forged or fake licenses from some companies. Again, avoid solar installers with expired work permits.

Are You Insured?

Solar panel installation also involves several risks. For example, the installer can damage your roof, subjecting you to additional repair expenses. Hiring an unlicensed solar installer means that you will have to dig deep into your pockets when uncertainties happen.

The first type of insurance to consider is general liability insurance. The insurance means that the installer will be liable for any damage that happens to your property.

Workers’ compensation insurance is also crucial. The coverage is necessary for the workers’ safety during the installation of solar panels. You won’t incur extra costs on the solar panel installers’ treatments in case they sustain injuries.

Hire a Solar Installation Company

Solar panels are gaining popularity day by day. A good solar installation company will save you money, time, and meet your needs.

The above questions will help you find the best solar panel installer.

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