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A Koh Samui Construction Company You Can Trust | About Us

Fully Insured and Certified Building Services In Koh Samui

At CJ Samui Builders we do things by the book. We’re a Western-owned company that is committed to hiring the highest skilled local contractors. That makes CJ Samui Builders a growing local business with an international mindset. Our practices focus on safety, professionalism and our construction work always results in high-quality results that will stand the test of time.

Koh Samui is a popular destination for overseas visitors and investors because it is full of the breathtaking beauty of nature. An appreciation of nature is reflected in the clean lines of the many swimming pool-integrated buildings which local construction companies like us have proudly built. 

We understand that it’s our responsibility as a construction company to make sure all of the properties we build complement the inspiring landscape and sun-drenched beaches of Koh Samui. We can take into account a client’s budget and also offer eco-friendly options which conform to strict building standards and regulations.

A lot of the architecture in Koh Samui is of a very high standard and we champion the continuation of a high level of construction excellence for both our clients and also for the many people we cherish in our local community. 

About the Team

We’re proud to say we have over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, so you can expect knowledge and professionalism from start to finish.

Our team is experienced and passionate about flawless results. We are also very specialized. We have workers that are experts in their construction fields and who, each, as individual specialists also have decades of experience that they can bring to your projects.

Take a look at our gallery to see the attention-to-detail we pay to all our construction methods. Take a look at the wonderful solar panel arrays we installed. Whether a building job is large or small, we can scale our construction team and plan to suit your needs. 

Our Customers Trust Us

Visit our customer testimonials and you’ll very quickly see the responses we’ve had from previous clients. They trust CJ Samui Builders and often recommend us because we’re so easy to work with, professional and always deliver beautifully constructed properties. 

We take the ‘final mile’ very seriously with builds and ensure that the premium finish is perfect so that when every project is done and our clients are breaking open the champagne, they are 100% happy and ready to recommend us.

Get In Touch To Discuss Your Project

Reach out to us and you will soon see how special we are. We can communicate in both English and Thai as needed. We’re also ready to provide detailed explanations if you need some regulatory or planning advice.

We pride ourselves on being Koh Samui’s most reliable and honest building company, producing high-quality finishes using modern materials and methods. Get in touch so that we can start the conversation about your project.